Tyvek tape in Aus. ?

So, watching how to repair a packraft on utube, in case the “nasty” ever happens to moi… what the heck is Tyvek tape and where are you guys sourcing in from in Aus. and if not, is there a “substitute” I can source easily ?

Tyvek is a building tape used to ?stick wrap around insulation paper to houses.

I did get some somewhere - thnk I googled it. However, tyvek is only available in white, and I reckon that one of the waterproof fabric duct tapes that are easily available would suit the uses that it is likely to have.

I have not yet punctured my raft, and have scraped it a lot of rocks in NZ, and we don’t have bears here! I reckon a needle and thread, some neoprene glue and some duct tape would do any field repair that I needed to do.


Thanks for the tip, I might grab some and keep a piece with me for repairs !

I managed to puncture the seat yesterday (back rest part) via a stick that “jousted” me from the creek bank !! I am using a push bike bike repair patch, a small piece of plastic for inside backing and some marine grade sikaflex to try and repair it, we’ll see how we go !

I have put numerous small holes in my raft, all repaired with aquaseal. For quick repairs i use the self adhesive tape that came with the raft. I buy Tyvek (for my work) from here;

about $60 bucks a roll. I have not needed it yet…