Tuross River vid from Sunday

Had a nice run down upper Tuross with Peter and Matt yesterday, level was at .9m on the Wadbilliga/Tuross Junction gauge. Coolish but very nice to be out and about paddling :slight_smile:


Love your work Steve!

And I yours Darren, I’m guessing your busy in the snow?

Great video, thanks. Is that the same section you did with Mick B and Gman?

Mick B, Mick M and I did the Shoalhaven section that ends at Bombay crossing on the Saturday. Bit arctic. River 1.8m which seemed really good level as long as you dont mind running through some tree tops and getting a boat full of leaves and sticks and you are happy to humbly bypass the 2 real drops on the river section. They both looked a little psycho.

This Sunday was supposed to be the start of my season but work and life shit keeps getting in the way! :slight_smile: You know how it is… I’ll be into it soon enough though.

You must know every inch of the Tuross by now! Great vid.

Dave, yep same section I did with the lads. Doesn’t Mick B always look a little psycho? :slight_smile: Did you get any pics or vid of the river @ that level? I need to get up to the Shoal, I am too busy to drive anywhere at the mo and it seems when I got the time the water sucks into the ground.

Darren, I do know that run very well now, I guess I have done it 7 or 8 times, kinda nice to have a ‘home river’ Look forward to hearing of your frosty adventures, always so frickin out there and wicked good to read/see :slight_smile:


Hey Steve, some great action video there, looks like it was a lot of fun, thanks for sharing. Any swims? Hope the water was warmer than its been here. I’ll have to venture across one day for Tuross.

Rob, no swims at all, the cold water is a good motivation to stay upright :slight_smile:

G’day Steve, (and guys)

Thanks for the vid as well. Regarding the Shoalhaven I have a couple of pretty underwhelming still shots but no video … maybe one day I will attempt to upload some bits and pieces.

I’ve been a little quiet with the Shoaly trip (and a couple of arvos on the Murrumbigee) all I’ve been able to get at. I’m overseas at the moment for work which seems to coincide with decent rainfall. I’ll let everyone know when I’m off next so they can plan a trip around it !

Having said that Dave, Scott, James and myself did a trip up to NT in July, mainly walking but we also took the rafts and walked up Katherine Gorge to about the 9th gorge via the rim top trail and paddled back down over three very leisurely days. The rafts were ideal for the trip with a 16km walk in and long pools which would have been tough going on a lilo. I have one or two nice pics of that trip

Other trips unreported from last year have been a repeat of Steve’s Indi trip (thanks for posting as it was a super fun day), Snowy from Jacobs to Willis, Shoaly below Warri Bridge and Coxs River circuit plus a few little runs on the 'bidgee near home. All day trips (bar the Coxs which was a 3 day loop) all very suitable for beginner rafters all good fun

I have been thinking of Bright area as a possible location for a get together, seems to have a few different day or overnight options accessable from a central base catering for different skill levels … but I really have no idea having only been down that way to climb … although the earlier idea about Cairns sounds good too !

hopefully we can all catch up soon
mick b

Thanks for the vid Steve, looks like a great day!

Mick - Bright itself is a little limited, Ovens & Buckland rivers only have a couple of rapids, King River is a great run, with a short section you can run multiple times but it’s a bit of a drive from bright. Over the other side of the mountains around Omeo you have Snowy Creek, Big River & The Mitta which could be a better option.

I think if we were to consider organising a big meet-up the Tully River in Cairns would be sensational.

I am itching to get out on the water - if anyone is in Melbourne get in touch. If anyone is organising a multi-day trip Melbourne/Canberra/Sydney/Tas let me know also.


Thanks for the info Haydn. Cairns sounds like the go then .

Around Bright (well Mt Beauty anyway) you also have a few more full on rivers/creeks such as West Kiewa, East Kiewa (Pretty Valley Branch and Rocky Valley Creek branch) - all of which are awesome but some of which are pretty serious. The lower Kiewa is similar to the Ovens but the Buffalo is also fun at the right level. Mitta (Joker’s Flat or Anglers Rest campgrounds) area is fantastic and also includes Bundarra River, Middle Creek and Cobrunga Rivers, again all of which are awesome paddles at the right level. Cairns though would be great. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info Mark … and also for your fantastic videos of your packrafting trips in Tassy and elsewhere, truly inspiring !. Also thanks to the other Tassy guys love reading about your trips and for showing exactly what these pool toys can do