Tuross R. group paddle - report and a few pics added

Tuross river group paddle is going to be 26 Feb, some good rain predicted so I am hoping the levels will be good, if it hits a decent level the week before I may go the previous weekend also (19th) . All welcome, just need a helmet and appropriate PFD (a throw rope is good if you have one). Tuross at a level of .8 to 1.2 is grade 2/3 and is great paddling as it is pretty consistent bubbles for most of the day, it travels through some really spectacular country. I will be travelling up from the far south coast on Saturday arvo and camping, there is a car shuffle to be done but we can organise that when the numbers are in.

Watch this for level
we are aiming for .8 to 1.2

So far we have;

Grasshopper (out)

levels on the rise but we need some more rain…

Steve - at this stage I’m still in !

Great I’ll stick you on the list, level is doable atm hope it stays up!!

G’day Steve,
The Macleay is looking a little hihg, so we were thinking of heading south…the Turross would be perfect. The forecast for Cooma ais looking promising… Only limiting factor may be a coupl of potentially broken ribs, after my first run down Penrith. Lesson…keep away from 8 person rafts:) let you know how I go.


Hey Dunc, would be great to have you along if your up for it, levels are kinda holding and it looks like we may get the top up rain required so…

Hi there! I’m still keen to go if that’s OK. Either me or wife anyways; who can look after herself on grade 2 and 3(easy). Little Oskar is not quite up to hitching along in the front of the Xplorer!

Sorry - should have said…I cant go this weekend (19) but the next week (as per the original plan). But hey…if the water is up…dont wait for me!!

Sorry Steve, I’m out. Just not healing quickly enough unfortunately. :frowning:

No probs Chris, current level and rain predictions not looking that good at this point, we may get some storms come through up near Cooma and dump to raise levels, fingers crossed or we will have to postpone.

Sorry to hear your not getting back to form Darren, take it easy, you’ll get there.

Level has come up and is looking very positive for a Sunday paddle, I reckon it is a goer at this stage. as it will probably drop to mimimum level if there is no more rain and any further rain will only improve the level.

If you are keen to join us them shoot me an email at,


Thanks Steve

A few pics from the Tuross paddle; Peter, Mick, Graham and myself paddled about a 15 km (aprox) stretch from Wollia Ck to Belowra Station with the level at .85. At this level it was grade 2 to low 3, nothing too testing apart from the odd fallen tree to watch out for. A great day paddle and certainly a good intro paddle for beginers at this level. I would consider this the minimum level, although Gus has run it at .75 I believe. Thanks for a great day on the river guys, great to meet a few other forum paddlers and I hope to catch up with the absent paddlers that had to pull out next time round :slight_smile:

This is what happens when you take Climbers packrafting - Climbrafting!!! certainly a world first??


It looks great! Even at that level! Wished I coulda made it…got some free weekends coming up…I will monitor the levels and give you a shout Steve.


Nice work, great to see a few new faces!

Glad the level held up for you, the Tuross is my favorite paddle thus far, the Pink gorge is magnificent and I love that bigger drop early on that kind of sneaks up on you after those little shoots on the left.

I managed to coax Darren out on the water for a short trip on the Nepean yesterday and luckily all went smoothly.


Chris, lots of rain predicted this week, sadly I will have no time to enjoy it as I am away on another non rafting trip next weekend.

Any pics/trip report Gus? Good to hear you got the broken bum man off the couch :slight_smile:

Non-rafting trip!?!?! Do tell!

Nice pics Steve, looks like a great day on the water. Sorry I didn’t get down and yes…!! I actually paddled something again. It wasn’t in the plan but Gus talked me into a half dayer which went fine. No pain at all while rafting but pretty careful scouting on slippery boulders which seems to be the biggest danger in the short term. Plenty of bail options on the day anyway.
Looks like you guys had a good run.

Well a half truth actually Chris as I will be rafting but it will be flat water stuff in a remote estuary chasing fishes.

When are you Sydney Mob going to organise a group paddle, If you can do a Sunday day paddle ( ie Sholhaven ??) I would make the long haul north?

Righto, what about Sunday the 18th of March for a day trip on the Shoalhaven, Oallen ford to power lines?


Start a Group Paddle thread for it Gus with details, but I will come up.