Trip suggestions for ALCAN drive

I’ll be driving the ALCAN in July south from AK and I’d like to knock out a three-four day packraft on my way down. I’m experienced and am comfortable in up to class three water. However, I may have my girlfriend along and she is alright in unsustained class three. So, if anybody has any ideas, please share. Thanks.

Kluane National Park has a few stellar options including the Duke or Duke/Donjek combination. Some pretty solid hiking involved.

Around Whitehorse the Wheaton River is tough to beat, easy hiking, great scenery and a fun river. Just need to keep an eye on the water levels as it’ll come down if it stays dry. Try the Primrose River if you are more adventurous.

Wokkpash Creek in Northern BC could be a good one. I’ve not done it but I’ve been through the area on a larger packraft trip. if you want some info.