Trip Report: North Platte near Casper

The North Platte is a river noted for its outstanding fishing; Patagonia even has a bait and tackle shop on the outskirts of Casper, Wyoming, that services fly fishing aficionados. The river is a dammed flow originating in Colorado. The river winds north towards Casper at the center of the state. Two reservoirs, Pathfinder and Alcova, temporarily stop the progress of the river. Below Alcova, the river flows for about 25 miles at a leisurely pace.

On Thursday, June 9, a group of five floated the North Platte for about 10 miles. It took us about two hours to go from the ramp at Lusby to Government Bridge. The waterflow was about 539 cubic feet per second. Releases the next few days have raised the flow rate to 2,840 cubic feet per second. The river was a float