trip report from May 2009 Rainier/White River trip

I thought I’d post this link as another possible first ascent w/ rafts, although the actual rafting turned a bit bust because of the high number of strainers, still, it was quite a trip. Besides, how many people can say they have climbed Rainier and skied down the other side with boats?


Has anyone tried the White River since this last trip report? Is it still strainer filled? Tom - was it worth it, even with all the logs? What class water would you call it? Thanks-

I am in washington close to rainier hit me up if your plannin a trip i’ll tag along.

I would say that the frustration level was too high with the logs with the conditions we hit. (but overall it was a hell of an adventure).

If some or most of the logs were removed it would have been awesome. The gradient was quite steep but because the bottom was all rounded cobbles the upper part was pretty easy really and very fast (other than the logs). Lower down there were some bigger rapids - I’d say solid class 3, but this is after a few years. I did flip once. Mostly these bigger rapids were just a few waves or holes and then a break. I am guessing that the lower part that is rafted more regularly will be cleared from some of the strainers (I would hope). We never made it to that part though.