Trembley Creek to Marion Creek, A haul road loop

Drive from Palmer up to the Haul Road with Kailyn, Gary, and Galen.

Hike up Koyuktuvuk, Trembley, Blarney Creeks and over Kinnorutin Pass to descend Amawk Creek and hike/paddle N. Fork Koyukuk down to Rock Creek. Hike up and over Rock Creek and down to Haul Road/Marion Creek Campground. Hitch back to car. Drive back to Palmer with a quick stop to watch the World Cup game at the 49th State Brewery.

8 days. Great trip and my first one in the Brooks Range. Inspiring wilderness for sure. Triple A next August?!

How were the bugs this time of year? Earliest I have been up there is late July and there were clouds of them. Enough to drive you crazy!

Just got back from a trip. The bugs were a bit worse on the south side, but honestly not that bad along the river corridors. We slept in a 'mid shelter and I only needed the head net for three of our ten nights out.