Trade? My standard cargo fly drybags for your ultralight cargo fly drybags

Looking for a set of Alpacka’s ultralight cargo fly dry bags. I have a set of brand new standard dry bags that I would be willing to do a straight trade for your ultralight bags - I’ll pay shipping.

My boat came with the standard bags but I think I would get better use out of the simpler ultralight ones - if you’re looking to move to the standard ones for extra durability or added float (or are planning on floating the Grand and need extra air chambers for your permit), then maybe we can make something work. Alternatively if someone just wants to buy my dry bags outright name a price and maybe we can figure something out.

I’m in Southcentral AK, face-to-face transactions are easiest.

I’ll take you up on that trade. I have UL bags only used once. Prefer he standard bags for durability and multi chamber. I’m in Castle Rock, CO. UL bags include original stuff sack - only used once.

Email me at for photos.