TR Kangaroo River

Had a great day checking out the Kangaroo river today. A few pics and dribble on the BLOG

Great to see you three out paddling together, we need to develop the network a bit. Gus looked pretty happy in his new raft :slight_smile: It looks a neat little paddle.

Yeah Steve, it was a great day out in good company. I’m generally a hard bloke to lock in, but glad I caught up with Gus & Mel. My only regret in hindsight was not giving Jules a nudge and arranging to pick him up on the way through. I’m trying to change the ratio of solo vs group trips :laughing:

I’ve put a mark against you name in my book of misdeeds.

Looks great, my mate Ro is allus on to me to paddle the Kangaroo R - he lives in shoalhaven heads so gets there when it’s raining…

It’s not the first book my name’s be scratched into!
Gus was right about the gauge speed due to the catchment size…I was thinking, he must carry his lolly bag over his shoulder to be considering at 4m, but he nailed it. Actually it probably wouldn’t be that bad as it’s not steep at all. Definitely a rain run.

Looks great Darren !

Any camp sites along the river ?

Not sure about the section we paddled… most of it looked like private property. Do a Google search for “Bendeela camping” which is one area you can.
It would be a good base for low grade day tripping if you get the right level. It looks like this…

Jules in my book your name resembles a madman’s sketch…just because it’s perverted doesn’t mean it’s wrong though :slight_smile:

Yes, loving the new raft, first time I’ve worn a skirt!

Was great to catch up with Darren for the run, what he didn’t mention was that i managed to slip whilst inspecting the biggest rapid of the trip from shore and shot it on my ass which was made even more amusing by the fact I captured it all on my helmet cam which I did’t even realise was still recording! That video will have to wait for me to work out how to cut down the file size, but Darren has now uploaded a video to his blog which is only marginally more gracefull than when I shot the same rapid on my arse!