Towing a small raft with a packraft

Ok odd question I’m sure, but has anyone ever towed a second raft with their packraft? Thinking of doing a river float (flat water) for a couple of days but want to do it with my dog and with the deck on my packraft he isn’t going to sit between my legs under there the whole time. Thought was to get a cheap raft for him to sit in behind me and tow it. My question is has anyone done anything similar to this or do you think its feasible to make it happen? Any thoughts or anecdotes on attempting to do something similar would be appreciated.

We often tow a child in another raft when they get tired or sick of paddling. It actually goes quite well on flat water. Give it a go…

Done it for short distances when somebody gets tired or wants a break paddling. Shouldn’t be a problem for the most part on flat water. The only times it might get annoying is if, assuming the towed raft is lighter overall, there is a tailwind and the towed raft wants to overtake yours getting in the way of paddling, and exiting a river where you pull into an eddy or lodge raft against shore and towed raft wants to keep going pulling you out of the eddy or off the shore. Recommend having something easily un-tethered in the case of emergency. Let us know how it goes, I think my biggest problem would be keeping the dog in the raft.

John gave some good advice I didn’t think of. With regard to the dog wanting to be with you and not staying on the raft. If you’re on flat water you don’t need the deck in place. Just roll it up. I have one too can’t remember if it comes off, I think so. I can just see it, the dog is going to be paws up on the bow and navigating the trip.
Sounds perfect! BTW… it’s will be a big draw for any girls on the river or lake.