Tincan Creek teacups (packraft) & Upper Bird video!

Hey Folks,

A couple of us went in to run The Throne Room (aka: the teacups) on Tincan Creek last Saturday afternoon. The water was beyond ridiculously low, but we opted to do the 30 minute hike-in & huck anyway. There is a new, easy ATV trail on river-right that goes up to the throne room (avoiding bushwhacking). All of the falls go, but a normal low water level makes everything much cleaner. Also some footage of Upper Bird Creek’s Upper Sanctum w/ the 1st descent of Underworld & Purple People Eater. The water was also pretty low. Enjoy:^)

Another version of “Three Cups of Tea from a Tin Can”, plus some Kings lower canyon and greatest hits from 09 season:

Thanks to Tim Johnson’s friend Dawn who shot the Tin Can video…