Timber Creek to Kotzebue in Baird Mountains

This route is mostly outside the parklands, except the float down the Agagashok.

We took a week or ten days (don’t recall) in 2018 walking amazing caribou trails across the southeastern Baird Mountains and then floating the crystalline Agashashashok (“Aggie”) to the Noatak (= “Sloatak”). The Lower Noatak was a hard row to hoe, what with no flow and headwinds. We caught a boat ride the last ten miles to Kotzebue after helping an older local couple pick blueberries for a few hours.

This, too, is a really beautiful walk on a class I river that moves fast enough to make it worth while, but we did all the boating in a day. So it’s more like a week long walk followed by a day long float, but oh my god was the walking great and the easy float beautiful.