Tight cuff/neck dry suit

Hi packraft crew,

I recently bought an xl Goretex Kokatat drysuit with latex cuff and neck seals to keep my swims out of the Alpacka warmer. The suit fits well, but the cuffs make my hands go numb after a while and the neck seal feels too tight. I noticed the neck seal says “large”, is it possible that the suit has large seals instead of extra large? Has anyone trimmed the seals back without compromising the waterproof fit? Any thoughts are appreciated.

The seals will loosen up some with use. I put up with the discomfort a few days before I trim mine down. I use a razor and cut only one raised ring at a time before I retry the fit.

I have done this on my drysuits and drytopos for years without problems. This includes multiple multi-month sea kayaking expeditions along the Alaska coast.

stretch it out over a bowl or something round bigger than your neck for a few days…if still tight repeat, cutting is the last option because it will stretch out eventually, if it is cut it will or could leak down the road once it loosens up, and put some 303 on it to soften it up. 303 use it but not more than once a month (and that is a lot) to much and it will get gummy, not enough and it will crack. use it when it looks dry.

Thanks for the tips. I just got off the phone with kokatat, their advice was similar. 24-48 hr stretch of cuffs with a cup or can, cut the neck rings one at a time.