Throw bag

Hey guys,

what kind of throw bag do you use. I have a 20 m/ 1,5 pounds one from kayaking times.

Any lighter alternative? I tried to build my own using 6mm P-Cord, but ended up with similar weight and more difficult to grab/hold.


I use a light throwbag built by Solgear (

I tried some DIY experiments w/ climbing cord and the like, on my own. It was easy to throw, but the rope sank. The finer the line, the harder it is to grip in the water. After playing around with it a bit, I just didn’t feel comfortable with it, and opted for an “official” one.

Found a bag at 250 g (self measured) with 16 m and 360 kg strengh. Cord does not sink in water.
Exchanged original bag for a nylon one. Konfiguaration now at 210 g complete. So far pleased with it.

My company is still working out a better bag for packrafters, but may I recommend some throw line: 5mm or 1/4" Dyneema Float Rope by Sterling. It is strong, light, and floats. It is also available from and stay tuned for a new throwbag.

Scott / Solgear does good work. We’ve got one of his little throw bags. As Scott points out, there’s no real ideal backcountry throw bag solution right now, but we take the solgear bag on all our front-country runs.