Throw bag recommendations?

Anyone have any recommended throw bags? I’m new to packrafting, just ordered one!

I’m planning on take a swiftwater course this coming year.

I’ve been looking at these:

See my recent post on the throw bag I have

I use an NRS Wedge throwbag and really like it. Its compact and has a sufficient amount of quality rope in it. around $50 at the nrs website

My main recommendation would be to splurge for the stronger rope. On the page you listed their “ultra line” sounds like it would be good. I’ve always tried to carry a “spectra” line bag. I’m new to packrafting but a long time rafter, a stronger line can make a huge difference in certain rescue situations. I also want something I feel comfortable repeling with in a pinch.

Forgot to mention that it’s awesome you’re taking a swiftwater rescue class, you’ll learn a ton.