Three Canyon-Laberynth Canyon-Keg Spring trip report

Last weekend we went to GReen River to paddle the short section between Three Canyon and Keg Spring. Was a wonderful trip. In these links you can check out some information, pictures, maps and a video, but is in spanish. So sorry about that.

I ll try to summarize our experience:

We did a loop from Three Canyon Trailhead where we started hiking, but previously we left our bikes at Keg Spring Trailhead friday night. During the night we hiked the canyon with 2 short rappels and arrived to GReen River around midnight (±8km.), next day we paddled first section of Laberynth Canyon and arrived to Keg Sping canyon (±18km). After the mandatory spanish “siesta” we hiked up Keg Spring Canyon to the plateau where we camped close to our bikes (±12km). Sunday morning we cycled the 12 km to the car closing a beautiful more or less 50 km. loop. ¡You guys have an incredible country out there!