Thredbo River SRT pics

A massive thanks to Chris for his role in the training weekend at Thredbo! Going out of your way to get involved in packrafting outside of your own interest in the sport speaks volumes for your integrity and easy going nature. We all came away with a great knowledge base and will continue to build on what we have learnt. Thanks again also to Steve for continuing the push. I met a great bunch of guys and girls and had an awesome weekend.

A few pics and dribble can be found on the Blog

Thanks Darren, great pics.

I’d like to add my thanks to Chris for his outstanding effort in organising a most excellent info/training weekend. It was a well aimed shove in the direction we should all be heading, this kind of training and info sharing will save lives and improve the enjoyment of packrafting in Australia. Chris has a massive knowledge base that fits packrafting perfectly, his willingness and enthusiasm to share, his humour and keenness to stay dry are super admirable. Thanks Chris you’re a champ!! It was also great to meet extended packraft crew from here, a genuinely interesting and diverse bunch of people with a common love of the outdoors, it was a pleasure to spend a weekend with you all both on the water and around the smokey drum :slight_smile:. More please.


Looks like a great weekend, can’t wait for the next one to be organised so I can get along! Out of interest where a bouts on the Threbo did you guy’s camp & raft?