Thredbo River 'Heads Up'

A ‘Heads Up’ for Thredbo River paddlers and rafters from NPWS.

"Due to the ongoing construction of the Thredbo Valley Track:
From Monday 10 February 2014, until as late as June 2014, there will be scaffolding and zip lines obstructing river passage on the Thredbo River.
The obstructions will be located near Thredbo Ranger Station and Ngarigo Camping Area, and at points in between.
Warning signage will be installed 50-100m upstream of each obstruction. The signage will instruct users to exit the river.
NPWS recommend avoiding the use of this section of river entirely (Thredbo Ranger Station to Ngarigo Camping Area).

If you have any questions please contact the Project Manager on 6450 5563"


Cheers RFG.

BTW, saw some great pics of the pretty pony exclusion trials near tin mines. Great looking plots - is there anything official written up/published? They are even more obvious than Maisy Fawcett’s. Does ‘no pies’ get teased much?

Hey Jules, yep I’ll send you some work that’s been done on the floristics work for the plots if your interested? Don’t know about the teasing but horse issue is certainly going to be a challenge over the next few years!

that’d be great RFG