Thigh straps and boat sizing

I’m just wondering what size boats people are using with thigh straps and a forward seat? And with what results?

I’m about 5’10" or 11" and 32 or 33 inseam, and currently have a 2011 Yukon Yak (big butt) with a cruiser deck on it, and am thinking of sending it in for a cargo fly and possibly ww deck. I’ve also been meaning to put thigh straps in for some time. But I’m wondering if I might be better off selling this boat and moving up a size. Without actually being able to try out the two different set ups, I’m just looking for feedback from what others have found.

Sitting in the yak and shuffling myself forward about 4", my knees come up above the tubes a little, but I see there’s a new ww deck option that allows for this.

Any feedback would be great, I don’t want to put the time and money into this boat and then be disappointed in it.

Sounds like your dimensions are pretty similar to mine, and I also have a Yak (with a cruiser deck). I put thigh straps in and attached my seat with two strips of 2" velcro to the bottom of the boat because I was under the impression that I would want to be able to move it forward, but so far I’ve found the original seat position to suit me best. Haven’t run into any situations where I’m being pulled forward off my seat, and with the way I fit in the boat it feels better to keep the standard seat position. Maybe if I was in a Llama that would be different (perhaps better in terms of centering my weight in the boat), but with the Yak that’s been my impression so far.

Thanks Tomahawk, I guess I should probably just put straps in this boat and figure it out before deciding on skirts and stuff.

Tomahawk, you didn’t find that the thighstraps made you pull yourself forward off the seat? Did you put the hip d rings in front of or behind the seam?
Thanks again.

D-Rings are forward of the seam, and I have not had a problem being pulled off my seat.