Thigh Strap & Skirt Upgrades?

I got a Yukon Yak with a whitewater spray deck and have made a few mods so far and am thinking about a few more. Adding a back band and thigh braces turned out to be a huge improvement for boat control and I can combat roll a loaded yak which is really sweet! But even though I can roll it over its still a really hard roll and the skirt implodes every time! I think there are a few improvements I can make like adding a third point of contact in the thigh straps to reduce flexing and putting a heavier elastic band in the spray skirt to stop implosions. I’d really like to get some input from others that are into this so let me know if you have any feedback or experience with these.

Unlike a crisp hip snap in my hard shell every time I roll I feel the raft flex and the roll is sluggish. So it seems like adding a third attachment point just above the knee on the thigh straps would reduce strap movement and flexing of the boat giving a more responsive hip snap. I saw an example on this link.
I think adding all the foam would add way too much bulk but the 3rd attachment point seems like a great idea.

The skirt implosion is really annoying and it happens every time I roll and sometimes after a big hit. I was thinking about putting in a larger bungee since the one that comes with it is really light weight. It seems like a bigger bungee would hold the skirt on better and I may also add aqua seal or something tacky under the lip of the skirt to increase friction.

Has anyone else found a solution to these issues? I’d appreciate any feedback or ideas you might have on this.


Ok, so I just saw a post about their new WW raft,, and that answers my first question about the third attachment point in the thigh straps. It looks like they actually added a cap that covers the knee as their third attachment point. Pretty cool idea! I wish there were more and better quality pics but I’m sure they are soon to come.

It appears that they are still using a very similar whitewater spray deck so I’m not sure what they did to the skirt to stop implosions, any ideas?