The Tweed from Peebles to Galashiels


I had a short trip this weekend along the Tweed (Scottish Borders) from Peebles to Galashiels as a recce for proper a trip later this year (hopefully). Put some pics up here:

I think the upper section (the part I paddled) is probably more interesting than the lower reaches where the surrounds become more agricultural. It is not exactly wild but some stretches have their moments. This trip was about 32km, easily paddled in a day. The water level was quite low and I was scraping some of the time. I ran the rapids other than Fairnlee but with not much water going through them they weren’t much to write about. Also the caulds (weirs) were fine to shoot down. Next time on this river will be source to sea via the hills at the head of Tweeddale.

Off to the Northern Scandinavia for two weeks from Friday! Rago National Park and Moskenes Oy (Lofoten Islands). Get the Yak some proper wilds to enjoy!

Happy paddles…