The most forgiving whitewater boat? Nirvana vs Gnarwhal

What is the most stable in white water? Is Alpacka Gnarwhal significantly better in term of forgiveness or Kokopelli Nirvana does just as well? I’ve seen this thread, but may be someone has update info?

They aren’t even close.

Gnarwhal is in a league of its own.

Also trying to decide between the nirvana SB and gnarwahl.
Hardboater and rafter here.
No chance to see either where I live.
Why is the gnarwhal so much better Mike?

Because Mike is an Ambassador for Alpacka haha. For a very new paddler, the Gnarwal will be a little more forgiving (especially in the regular fabric, because it’s less rigid.) But as a hardshell boater, I think you’ll find the self-bailer Nirvana edges better. It’s very rigid and responsive. Check out some of Mark Oates’ videos. I’d be surprised if Mike has paddled a 2017 or newer Nirvana self-bailer. Where do you live?

I live in Prince George, BC
I am in Vancouver often but probably not many there either I suspect.
Ok thanks for the info. Looking forward to some 2020 trips with it.

mmonahan, I have no experience with the Nirvana but I have a Gnarwhal SB in Vancouver, I’m sure we can arrange something if you wanted to take it for a spin. Awesome boat.

It’s true that I’m an ambassador. I’ve also paddled both boats, thus I think my opinion has merit.

The OP is asking which boat is more forgiving. A boat with – as you’ve said the koko has – edges is not, by definition, forgiving.

Fair enough. Agreed on both fronts, just clarifying that “more forgiving” and “better” are far from equivalent. Was responding (probably with unecessary snark, sorry) to mmonahan’s interpretation of your response as the Gnarwal is “so much better.” If you’ve paddle both, you’ll know that a fair answer is a lot more nuanced than that. There are pros and cons to differences in hull shape/volume, material, and rigging. That’s why Alpacka made the Wolverine, as the Gnarwal is a barge in comparison.