The MItta Mitta - Trip Report

Believe me I always have good intentions of posting a really detailed trip report, but time just seems to escape me! So instead of it being forgotten, here’s a short report and video:)

Last October myself (Haydn, Melbourne), Michael B (Canberra) & Matt (Eden) took a long weekend and paddled the Big River onto the Mitta Mitta from Big River Bridge to Hinnomunjie Bridge. Meeting up late on a Thursday night and starting the paddling early on the Friday. We had been watching the levels which had been just a bit too low, but with one good day of rain, we caught it just in time at 0.95 (you would not want it any lower). Friday night we camped out at Bundara River and continued paddling again on Saturday down to Hinnomunjie Bridge.

One of the best trips I have done to date (and I think Mick & Matt will agree), stunning scenery and some awesome rapids and plenty of them, they just build up from day one and just get bigger and better finishing off with the waterfall. Perfect two day trip and many other paddling options in the area for an extended stay. Looking forwards to running it again.

Enjoy! Cheers Haydn.

You have a way with a camera Hayden, you made Mick look good;). looks like a great trip.

A fine example of the progression of Packrafting in OZ. Well played lads.

I think the camera made us all look good Dave:)

Yet another great vid Haydn … it was a really fine trip. Likewise I have all good intentions of sharing substantial trip reports but never seem to manage it which highlights my appreciation for those who do … I think I’ve made unsubstantiated promises to do so in the past and have failed … having said that the moving picture is certainly the medium and I’m still stuck in the stone age of stills ! Thanks again

Thanks for making and posting the vid Haydn! Great to see the Mitta being promoted as an ideal packrafting destination. It is one of the best areas in Vic for whitewater with a number of other also great rivers nearby (though these require much more water) and awesome riverside camping. We were lucky enough to get back there in early January for an overnight trip from the Bundarra confluence down to Hinnomunjie. Despite the low level of 0.57 at Hinnomunjie we had a ball and didn’t have to get out of our packrafts at all. Although the top sections need more water this lower section is potentially still a fun summer section with crystal clear water, big fish, lots of fun and mostly safe rapids and several good camping spots. We used to spend a week there each September with kayaks, rafts, inflatables and riversleds as at that time of year you generally get decent river levels due to snowmelt. This summer was my first time back with a packraft and it was a good reminder for me as to just how good this river and area is and also how well suited to packrafts it is. Despite the long drive (6 hrs from Melb) it is well worth it!

Bitchin in da kitchen!

Thanks for posting.

Nice paddling lads, Big Matt is one stylin’ paddler, he is the dude to watch, serring standard to follow, so fluent an natural. Wicked film and sounds too Haydn, too high a bar you set.