The Kimberly

Just wondering if anyone has any experience in the Kimberly? Any potential for good missions? What time of year? Where to go? Any ideas?

Crocodiles scare me. It’s a strong factor to think about.

yeah i don’t like them either but i think the big fuckers can be avoided if you stay far enough away from the sea. The drysdale looks like it has potential to me but i am yet to get my hands on a decent map. I imagine there would be many good options as this is clearly Australia’s other great wilderness, its just a matter of sussing out a feasible and safe route which is difficult when you have no knowledge of the landscape, river levels or weather patterns?

Yeah - in review my reply was rather glib ! It is a massive area and wilderness. I think this will be the hard thing (and the good thing) about getting info for there. I know a few folks who have done extended walk in Arnhem, but not in the Kimberly. I imagine that there’d be a few folks in WA who have the info but it’d be a small group.

I guess cyclone season is the time to avoid, for flood, storm and access reasons - the southern winter time would be best - maybe on the late cusp of the wet so there is still water draining off the landscape ?

duke, I asked on another forum for you

some info.

Latest ‘Wild’ has an article which may be a starter…

Check Willis Walkabouts online – really good infor about top end stuff – not packrafting but other trips. He uses a lilo on his guided trips. He says top end trips are best in the wet.

Peggy and I are headed to Darwin and Eastern Kimberley next…March 1 to be exact.

Excellent Roman, I expect some blog updates ! Hope your antipodean travels are treating you well. Sorry about the weather !

Here’s the Willis’ Walkabouts Home page with stuff about Kakadu, Kimberley and Red Center:

and here’s what he has to say about the Wet up there:

We are going to Kakadu and maybe Bungle-Bungles w/packraft. I wrote him and tried to describe the concept of packrafting but he didn’t get it – or should I say, I couldn’t describe it well enough. Usually, people get it when they get in the boat, but rarely before, unless they have a creative mind or know of high-profile trips that have used them.

Eastern Kimberly trip: Down the Ord River and hiking into the Bungle Bungles in march.

Very Hot: 45 C.

Awesome Roman. I get embarrassed that you are leading the field over here ! I take it just freshwater crocs that far up (aside from your shoes ?)

Love to see any more pics and footage.


In your video you are using a 4-piece Werner fiberglass paddle. What model is it? Did you have to get it custom made for the length you use?

Hi Richard,

yes it’s a stock 4 piece 215 cm paddle from Werner, a touring paddle called the Shuna:

Croca Dial Dunde. Wicked!