The Jane River

I was just wondering what people who have done it think is a reasonable time frame? From looking at the maps i was thinking about 6 days from the highway to strahan assuming you walk the eagle creek track? You assistance would be much appreciated.

G’day Duke,

My party took 8 days from road to pick-up on lilos, including a couple of extended patching stops. Six days seems reasonable for an experienced, fast party on packrafts. Allow at least 2 spare days up your sleeve in case of difficult conditions. The gorges are tight and portages can be hard in high water… it could take a couple of extra days. I don’t think the Eagle Creek track gets much use these days, especially from the Franklin side. Friends used it a couple of years ago from the Gordon side to climb the Elliot Range and reported that it was very overgrown. I think you’d be better off to paddle the lower Franklin and the Gordon down to Heritage Landing. It doesn’t take too long.


John Mc.

The Jane, early 1990s.