Test drive (paddle) near Portland OR


I just bought a new pack raft (GNU) and should receive it during a business trip to Oregon next week.
Since it is probably a good idea (and a lot of fun) to try my new acquisition was thinking about doing a bit of a test drive of some of my gear on Sept 20th.

Does anyone:

  • Like to come along and show me some tips and tricks
  • Have suggestions for a good place to visit for some testing (doesn’t need to be a a grade III white water rapid as that is probably not the best place to start and I will be limited to just an PFD)
  • Know of a club I could contact in Oregon that I could contact for instructions

In short all suggestions are welcome


p.s. for a person willing to taging along a boat is not needed at the Gnu would carry two, experience packrafting would ofcourse be a plus

Hey Remi,

I have pack rafted lots in my life when I lived in Alaska but not so much down here in PDX/Oregon. Would love to connect sometime if you’re interested. I’m still exploring the spots to go. Send me a private message if you’d like to meet up and get out there!


In Olympia newbie looking for paddlers

Thanks for the info
gclub download