Tasmania Water levels this January

Hello all Down Under.

How is the summer season looking water-wise this year?

Is it too early to say? Franklin and Jane?

Roman, thinking of coming out? this is the best resource for weather watching in Oz

more specific to your question

It has been a wet spring with lots of flooding etc I sadly had to cancel a week long paddle on the Nymboida River due to flooding a few weeks back. So the short answer is; it looks like average to above average levels.


Thanks Steve,

Would like to go to Tazzie, but doubt I’ll make it this year…maybe, though.

I’d love to paddle the Franklin in a packraft but would need a heap more experience and some training before doing such a trip, one day mabye.


Hi Roman

the very steep nature of the catchment for most south west tassie rivers mean that water levels can change dramatically in days and somtimes hours, making water levels for any trip predictably unpredictable any more than a few days away. Generally speaking it has been a wet spring. The Jane is a fantastic trip, probably one of the best packrafting missions I have done. The Franklin is always good but gets busy. The Dennison is also worth a look.

Have fun

Yes, recall watching the Franklin come up a meter in a night. Like the looks of that “six rivers trip”…good to know that there’s water down there. A few years ago it seems like it’d be a drought leading into the summer.

Looks like being a good summer for someone to do a repeat of the Six Rivers. You want good levels in the Maxwell, and it continues to be rainy rainy rainy!

Matt, Rob and I will be thrilled when someone else cracks it. Go for it!



Well we are here and the water levels seem pretty high, so that’s good.

We are just sort of limbering up now: Picton, Styx, stuff like that.

We have plans to do Franklin (of course) and others but wondering if anyone on the Tazzie end of things knows about the New River on the south coast? Is it worth walking in to?

Also the Anne: anyone here run that? On-line guides say Grade 4 and Upper Huon is Grade 2 so one seems too hard and the other too easy. Is there a trail from the Huon over to Federation Peak?

We would like to hear some suggestions/comments.