Tasmania, Southwest NP, Anne River

Bill Hatcher, son Cody Roman and I got two recommendations to run the Anne, a steep (400 feet/mile) creek run starting near Lake Pedder and running into the Huon. Beta was scarce and fortunately so was water. The Tahune Gauge read 0.75 m the day we descended the Upper Anne and a little more but not much more would have been very helpful.

It felt a bit like Alaska’s Magic Mile but without any water and an impossible walk out should things go awry. We also had camping gear so that made us a bit heavier than normal creeking in a packraft expreiences.

The trip starts with a half hour hike on Mt Anne Circuit from Red Tape Creek and then bushwacks in a boat for an hour or so to the steep stuff. The steep stuff is many stacked drops in big sharp boulders mixed with creeky little forested runs. We took nine hours to go about 10 km. We camped in the bushes, not making it to the Anne/Huon confluence before dark. The lower Anne was hateful taking about 2.5 hours at the “ridiculow” levels we had.

The Huon was about nine hours to the Tahune Bridge on maybe 25 or 30 k of flat water with a few steep class III+ drops. In all we were 36 hours car to car. The shuttle took a full day to set…

Here’s a video of the upper section, the fun stuff:
and another little river there, the Anne

Looks a bit scratchy Roman! Nice work.

Yep it was really low, but doable. Three more inches would’ve been nice. SIx inches, pushy, and twelve inches scary, I think.