Tasmania - North & Spring Rivers

I’m planning a Rugby Range traverse that starts with paddling from Melaleuca to Pelican Point and North over the range. December / January.

The route back coul include rafting back down the Spring or North River. But I’m having trouble finding much info on either river apart from Gmaps sat pics.

Can anyone point to or provide any onfo on these rivers?

I have not done either but strongly suspect that both would be good for character building. Both are small narrow rivers which are unlikely to have enough water in them unless they are in flood, when they would be very pushy in the steep sections and flat and full of logs elsewhere.

There is a small tight gorge on the North that looks interesting from the air but I don’t know anyone who has been down into it. The Spring also has a gorge with big rapids further upstream.

I would paddle across Bathurst Hbr, stash the raft, climb the range then return and paddle back.