Tangle Lakes to Delta River ok for beginners?

We are thinking of packrafting the Delta River from Tangle Lakes to the Richardson Highway the weekend of Aug. 19. We have two experienced packrafters, one with limited experience in only class II, and one who has only gone once on the class I-II Eagle River but is a strong paddler. I read that the Delta River has a class II-III section below the portage (to avoid the waterfall). But I’ve also read that the river can be done by beginners in canoe. I am wondering how challenging that section really is, and if there is a way to portage around it if it would be too challenging for a beginner.

Also, if anyone has other tips on best places to camp, whether it’s likely to be buggy in August, and who to contact about a shuttle, I’d appreciate it!


I don’t think you’d have any problem. The section below the portage was pretty mellow overall, just some rock dodging.