Takhin River

We just packrafted the Takhin River near Haines in it’s entirety. A big bushwhack to get to the Takhin Glacier and the Takhin headwaters, then lots of foot travel followed by some classic Alaskan paddling back to Haines. 3 days, 35 miles. Unbelievably gorgeous…

Full trip report here with photos:

Great route! I live down in Juneau, might have to come up and do that. What was the price of your flight with Drake?

Drake charged us 150 a piece… 300 total for two flights. The bushwhack over Heartbreak might be a deal breaker… trust me, it is that bad. However, if you can talk Drake into dropping you at the Fox Airstrip, which may or may not be usable, you could either hike the 5 or so miles up stream to the Takhin Glacier, or just begin from the airstrip.

Thx for the beta.

I’m well versed in the SEAK bushwack from previous hunting escapades. But I’ll take your bushwack rating of 10/10 seriously :nerd: