[SYDNEY] Trip this weekend

Hi Guys,

I am keen to head out this weekend for either a day trip or overnighter 2/3 days (Friday to Sunday)

I am thinking Bents Basin for a day trip or the Cox’s River for an overnighter. The forecast is for a shower or two on each of the days.

Post or PM me if you are keen.

All the best,


I ended up just heading for a stroll on the Cox’s to get an idea about what I should be expecting, still a nice little trip!

Through the link are some pics and a quick write up:


Jeremy, quite inspired by your getting out. I would be for a day or day/nighter this weekend. Can’t do a full weekend. 0418232949 Dave

Hi Dave,

Sorry for not getting back to you on here! I ended up having a domestic weekend, which was actually a nice change.

I am heading out to Mt Solitary - Wentworth Falls via a short paddle on the Kedumba river this weekend and you are welcome to come if you like? The vast majority of this trip will be the pack part of packraft though and I might just take the crappy vinyl raft to save some weight.

Let me know if yourself or anyone else around is keen?