Sydney Rivers are pumping!!!

You have probably all done it already, but checking the bom site, there are some pretty major river flows!

The colo is at 5m (it usually sits around .7), bents basin is at 1.3m (usually sits around .2) and the coxs is at .6 m at wallerwang (probably the best chance of a safe paddle). Following on from this. What is everyone doing this weekend when the waters go down a bit?




I’m up for a run on Sunday, can’t make Saturday. It would be nice to get out there and give it a go, the Colo has already fallen to 3m so they are dropping rapidly.


Hi Duncan,

Great to hear your keen. I just sent you a PM with some more details.




Thanks for the great trip, I’m working on the video and should have it available soon.

Colo Jeremy.jpg

Thanks a bunch Duncan, they are some of the best rapids I have rafted! Looking forward to seeing the Video.



This is the video of our trip down the Colo River when it was running at just over two metres on the Upper Colo river gauge.

We put in at Bob Turner’s Track off the Putty Road and finished at the upper bridge. The water level was brilliant, deep enough to cover the boulders but not too pushy.

We paddled up to the rapid upstream of Bob Turner’s track but didn’t run the upper part as there were some large boulders we could have be pinned against.

Next time we might try the run from Canoe Creek to Bob Turners Track, I think it would be good at the same water level and done over two days.

Cheers, Duncan

Nice one.

Great video boys! Looks like a good level for that section and the rolling practice has paid off hey Jeremy.

Good stuff guys!

I’m hoping it was not a one off rain event the for Sydney area and we get a few more over the next couple of months.

I’m keen for a paddle over the next couple of weekends rain dependent.

It looks like there was good rainfall in the Colo and Grose river catchments yesterday with readings up to 47/48mm, not sure if it was widespread enough or fell in the right places to make a good level for the weekend, but at least it means we need less follow up rain. Is there a gauge for the grose?

If anyone else is thinking about a paddle over the next couple of weekends let me know.




I’m keen to do some more locally, will wait and see what the river heights are in about three weeks.

I would like to do the Shoalhaven again at about a metre from Nerrimunga Creek to Greater Horseshoe Bend, we did it at about 0.64 m and it needed another 0.2 or more to stop us scraping over the stones. Lots of long rapids over smooth boulders which will be good at higher water levels, but I’ll take my chances with anything that is runnable.

Off to do some reconnaissance in Tasmania, mainly walking but have the Llama packed to check out the Huon and Picton.

I haven’t seen a river gauge for the Grose River.

Will post if I think there is a chance of a weekend away.


Thanks again for putting this one up Duncan, great editing! I will write a quick blog post on this one, plus a massive back log of trips when I get back from Fiji in a couple of weeks (hopefully going to run the Sigatoka river tomorrow).

Darren: Thanks for that, it was good to get some practice in a nice pushy river, I was certainly battling at some points (it took me three go’s and a nose full of water to get up from that first roll)!

Also, there is a gauge for the Grose on the below site, but it doesn’t seem to be registering at the moment: