SYDNEY - packraft inflation tomorrow

Definitely the lamest event advertised on this forum throughout its history but…

I am inflating my 2012 llama tomorrow in victoria park for a friend considering buying one. If you are around and also want to check one out, swing on by.

All the best,


Will you post it to YouTube ?

Jeeez, if I wasn’t working I would drive the 7 hours to Sydney for that :slight_smile:

Ha, maybe next time :slight_smile: 7 hours isn’t too bad, Inflation events don’t happen often!

Wow Jeremy that’s an awesome thinking.
I am so excited for packraft and can you show some photograph in this forum, so I can guess everything.

Hi Konan,

Unfortunately I didn’t get any photos of the event, it all happened so fast! Are there any specific features of the boats you specifically want to see though? I might be able to put up some pics (if my camera phone comes back to life).