[SYDNEY] After work packrafting tomorrow?

Bents basin at good levels and if we leave work around 3 or 4 we could get a cheeky loop in. Anyone keen?

Darren M did a great write up of the river at this level. You can find it through Google pretty quickly.

What a great bit of river.

Did it Saturday at around .3. Water was very murky and smelly. Portaged the I think second last rapid that leads into a strainer. Its always not so bad in retrospect…

Got pinned against a rock on the last rapid and had the boat full of water. Had to bail to free the boat and have a swim.

Highly rate the trip. The bush around there also was fantastic.

Hi Dave, good to hear you had fun on the river! Smell is certainly a downer on this one. The option of running it back and forth in a raft is a massive winner.