Susquehanna (Falmouth to Columbia)

We floated Falmouth to Columbia in terrible headwinds and burly rains in the last week of July. We put in at the Falmouth (home of the goat races) boat launch and explored north immediately from the launch to the amazingly cool rock outcroppings in the river. The formations were spectacular. We should have spent more time there, in retrospect. It was the highlight of the trip. The headwinds were constant throughout the 17 miles and the rains were torrential. They probably added a good hour or 2 to the trip. We stopped off at the old abandoned limestone quarry and rambled around the ruins. We were glad we stopped. To access it we pulled out at the large white cliff on river left and walked up and over the rxr tracks. Under the trestle, avoid river right. Apparently there is exposed rebar. We took the main channel and it was a fun little splash. All in all, we were on the water about 5 or 6 hours. Egrets and herons abound on the dozen or so islands we passed. We contacted Jim at chiques rock outfitters for a shuttle back to Falmouth. $10 per person. Interesting guy. We are always looking for partners. I just moved to PA after 17 years in Alaska. Feel free to contact me to get together for some runs.