Staying in the seat with thigh straps

I have a 2010 model llama with spray deck. I have added thigh straps and velcroed my seat in about 8 inches forward of the original position as most have suggested. I’m very happy with the response and control I now have. I can roll it about 50% of the time.

I find that I generally slip rearward off the seat and end up sitting on the drybag I have behind me. This puts me too low and rear and I often end up slipping out of the thigh straps when I’m back in this position.

How do you stay forward on the seat once you move it forward?

I could put something bigger behind me, any suggestions?
I’ve also thought about a backband that attaches to the side tubes, maybe via the thigh straps themselves, and removing the back part of the stock seat.

Any other suggestions?

Wow another Dan D. on the forum. What are the odds?

Sorry I have nothing helpful to add.

Luc has attached the Baylee backband to his thigh strap D rings.

I have an old pillow-style seat I use with two inch velcro to keep it vertical behind my back.

Tim says Alpacka has been working on a Baylee-style backband.

I just made a backband like are used in hadrshell kayaks out of a piece of foam. Run a strap between your d-rings and through the foam and used a small piece of bungie rope/cord attached to the seat (floor) ran through the back-band and then to the original packraft backrest attachment point (up high) to keep it suspended in the air.

Could not download picts but here are some links to picks.

This is not the strap I use but you get the Idea, any strap with some tri-glides will work. I use a small plastic quick release 1" buckle. Just glue (cheap contact cement) the foam pieces top and bottom and leave a place to run the straps.

Super cheap and bomber stable, rolls up in the boat just fine or just pull off the foam. probably as light as the feathercraft set up too.

I also use these same pads on my thighstraps for paddling (although the pads are not pictured) which are just loopie straps attached on both ends, more secure than NRS thigh-straps in my opinion.