Stalls, ferry, flips & tricks (2 in one boat)

here’s another Youtube video from new zealand of my wife and I in one Big Rig packraft with fully self bailing floor. check out some of the maneuvers we were able to pull off. nothing fancy, just cool to watch.



Pretty stiff boat. How much air pressure was in the boat’s tube or tubes? Is the overall diameter more than 12 inches??

With a small double action air pump and halkey roberts valves, you can put up to about 6psi, but Feathercraft suggest no more than 3.5-4 psi. With heavy loads and maneuvering control, I like a stiff and rigid boat, so i push the limits a bit on tube air pressure.

The Big Rig has 13" tubes.

With larger tube diameters, i found out quickly that conventional seating in the floor was a nogo for this rig. I designed the seat and cargo sling system to give better paddle control, weight and balance distribution, as well as a more comfortable sitting position for long days in colder water temps.


Well pack rafting involves a lot…Real fun as well as real danger. Always carry rescue things like disposable protective clothing which really saves you from great dangers and harmful ingredients.