Squaw Creek to Quartz Creek to Tonsina River

Day One
We ascended the Squaw Creek trail (54 Mile Rich Hwy) to get above tree line and then continued down the Quartz Creek drainage. After the initial steep hike to get above tree line it was fast hiking on an ATV trail with little bush whacking. We camped the first night at Bear Creek (11 miles). Beautiful area with lots of day hike options.

Day Two
We hiked from Bear Creek to Tonsina Lake. Stay high. Lots of rain, brush, swamp, and deadfall. We brewed up and dried out on the lake shore. Inflating the boats and headed out of the lake. Traveled down stream for about 1 hour down to camp.

Day Three and Day 4
Slow river up high with lots of oxbows and sloughs. The river then picked up to splash fast Class II. We took out at the Tonsina Little Tonsina confluence. We took a really casual pace on the river. This trip could be done easily in a fun three days.