Spraydeck Velcro coming loose

The velcro on my spraydeck on the left side came loose, where it is welded to the boat is fine but the upper lip that looked like it was taped down with some kind of doubleback tape is now off. Sand and grit is getting in there. What should I use to glue it back down? Will Tyvek tape work? should I use ACE hardware Glue? I dont want grit getting in there and wearing out the main tube.


The double sided sticky tape is just a remnant of the manufacturing. If it is a bother, you can simply remove it, there are 2 strips under the velcro, and around the perimeter of the skirt. It should not affect the function of the skirt. As always, keep your boat clean , but do not worry about a bit of sand it the crack. Having replaced many skirts, I have never seen any damage from sandy sticky tape.