Spraydeck fit for bigger guys.

Hi, I’ve got a new Denali Llama that I love, but I haven’t been able to get the spray deck to fit right. I’m a pretty big guy and hence ordered the denali. I plan on instaling thigh straps in my boat, which would mean that I would move the seat forwards a little making the deck even tighter.

My problem currently is the deck opening is too tight for me + pfd. I find it quite difficult to secure the deck velcro when I’m sitting comfortably in the packraft while wearing a pfd. I did order the beefy spraydeck upgrade, so it’s a little more difficult to put on than the stock (or so I’ve heard), but it seems impossible when wearing a pfd and will only be more difficult when I install thigh straps and have to move forwards a little bit (just a couple of inches).

Any tips to get the deck to fit like a dream?


You may need a PFD that sits higher on your back so the spraydeck can fit underneath. I have a Kokatat Orbit PFD and the spraydeck fits well, but I have seen many people with longer jackets have problems.

If your new Llama is a 2011 you may not have to move the seat forward with thigh straps. I have thigh straps and stock seat location and really like where the seat is in the new design.

I have a Llama with a 2011 deck. The deck is gathered and sewn together at the front between the two small airbags above the v shaped airbag that keeps the water from pooling in you lap. I unpicked this seam carefully and increased the diameter of the top about 2 inches.

Thanks Simon I will do that to my overly tight spray deck and see if I can gain and inch or so to go round my ample girth, does it impact the inflation of that bit (the codpiece)?


Hi… no the pump up bit still works fine…