Spero river Tasmania

Hi. We are planning a West coast trip in Tasmania in February and are contemplating a pack rafting walk/paddle down the Spero River to connect with the coast and Hibbs lagoon. The one person I have spoken with felt positive about it.
I am wondering if anyone has had experience of the river, in terms of obstacles, log jams etc. any wisdom/info would be greatly appreciated.
thanks for any help.

Just a follow up to my previous note to say that I paddled the Spero River with my wife in February and had a wonderful experience over about three days. It clearly needs enough water to be viable. Apart from one small gorge at the top there is not a great deal in terms of rapids, but in terms of forest it is absolutely beautiful in its upper reaches. There are 3-4 pretty solid log jams to negotiate further dowm.
Happy to provide information to anybody interested.

Given how dry this summer has been its great to hear that it was recently paddleable. Would love to know if you think its generally paddleable in summer or is it definitely rain dependent as many of our rivers are? Did you have a decent rain event prior to or during paddling it in February?

Any info appreciated.


Yes, there was rain in the week before that delayed us a few days. The river was up and was dropping as we went through. Gravel races would become gravel drags if we had been 2-3 days later. Guess it would be do-able but less pleasant.

And, in the other direction, if there had been more rain the little gorge at the top might have been dicey and being pushed into trees and log jams, or getting out before them, could have been an issue.

So, I guess, yes there is a range above Summer dryness and below serious rain swell that has to be found.


Hi Peter - how did you access the start and end of the trip - chopper or walk from Mac Harbour?