Southwest Partners

Hi all,

I live in Taos, NM and looking for partners to packraft with. I’d be fine with driving to meet up in the region - anywhere in and around NM, AZ, CO, UT. If you live in Durango, Cortez, or Pagosa I am passing through your towns all the time!

I would consider myself an intermediate paddler. I started out in a duckie and then transitioned to packraft about 3 years ago. Content in Class 3 and willing to run some Class 4, but usually pretty careful and selective about what harder stuff I do. I’ve done some multi-day PR trips but still mostly day outings. Above all I’m looking for partners who want to do multi day trips and in particular some rivers further north. I do love getting out in the wilderness! Still would be killer to paddle new rivers in day outings.

I have about 20 years of backpacking, climbing, backcountry skiing, and canyoneering experience and it would be choice to combine any with packrafting. I have a particular fondness for good food on trips, and love to cook. Also won’t shy away from a good hot spring.


I live in Durango, CO and would like to do some more trips with PR partners.
I transitioned from hard-shell kayaking to PR’ing 6 months ago and I love it. I was a class IV kayaker for many years. In my PR I can so class III so far (I may have done class 3+) and I have spent a lot of time in my boat. I have done many overnight trips this season and I love it.
I have a pretty flexible schedule so contact me for doing rivers in CO, NM, AZ, and UT.

Hey y’all, I just moved to Tucson from the northeast and am in the same boat (sorry). I’m solid on class 3 and generally comfortable on class 4 as well. I have most Fridays off in addition to weekends so I’d like to spend quite a bit of time paddling this year. I’m planning on heading up to fossil creek in AZ this weekend, do either of you all want to join?

I’m going to do the Rio Chama this Friday Aug 30th, probably overnight on the river and take out fairly early on Saturday. I’d enjoy company and the opportunity to set a shuttle.

I’m a fairly experienced packrafter and I’ve been through 4 rounds of swiftwater rescue courses.