Southern Utah

The possibilities of linking packrafting with desert hikes, canyoneering, and mountain biking are limited only by one’s imagination. Below is a link to a guide for some of the classics that is intended to help with logistics, provide useful links, predict stream flows, and inspire you to explore even further.

This is a GREAT resource! Thank you.

I’ve been lucky enough to catch the Chute of Muddy Creek 4 times, between 200-300 cfs in a kayak. Its world class.


The Dolores River below San Miguel is in, at around 1000 to 1500 cfs right now. I would love to do a big loop, starting at Bedrock, CO. Boat down the Dolores and Moab Daily down to Moab. Then pick up my bike from a small storage unit, meanwhile storing my packrafting gear in there, and bikepacking across the La Sals back to a vehicle at Bedrock. According to meteorological computer models, we may recieve an early monsoon season with the western San Juans recieving the brunt of the rainfall this spring for the Southwest during this upcoming El Nino event.