South Platte???

Ok, so the situation is frustrating me being a noob to Colorado. I haven’t found any takers on the Arkansas for helping out with logistics and shuttling.

So I am looking at a solo bike/raft to solve the shuttle problem. I typically avoid whitewater with a heavy load so I went through Deckers to Hwy 285 last week to scout the north fork/south fork of the South Platte. Fortunately these streams are mostly clear of log jams. I know it is a wee-bit early for rafting but the flow for both of these looked very weak, even for gill breathing life. It would require more hiking than paddling to pass through the shallow shoal areas. The north fork looked better, but I have encountered an unanticipated problem here is CO I never found in AK.

That is many areas of the river are restricted by property owners from trespassing. I understand their rights as owners, but can they really own the river? and restrict recreational use?

I thought about just ignoring the explicit conspicuously posted signs and asking for foregiveness if caught…common sense would say as long as I wasn’t causing trouble they wouldn’t mind. Then again, I don’t want to give someone a reason to start shooting or something.

If there are any Colorado kayakers/packrafters out there, what are your suggestions for some good water without driving out to the Gunnison?

I am really missing AK about now, and now that spring is here I need to start knockin off the winter rust.

Hey - I’m new to packrafting too here in Colorado. Floated the N. Fork of the S. Platte a few weeks ago, just a 2-hour thing but then last week did an overnight in Brown’s Canyon on the Ark. Probably nothing like AK but it’s a start and was OK besides taking swims at Zoom Flume and Sidell’s Suckhole. I am envisioning longer/more involved adventures at some point…

Check out, and do some reading about folks (with guns) along the South Platte. Not the place to trespass.

Bike shuttling is how I do 50% of my packrafting. The other 25% involves cars, the last 25% involves my own two feet.