South Fork of Flathead in Bob Marshal Wilderness Mid August

Hi. My name is Isaac. I am based in WA. I have lots of class IV rafting experience in WA, ID, MT, class II-III packrafting and kayak experience, lots of wilderness hiking/backpacking experience, wilderness medical training, and whitewater rescue training. I am hoping to do lots more class III-IV packrafting this summer, practicing on roadside runs and what not. I would like to do a pack in float out on the South Fork of the Flathead river through the Bob Marshall Wilderness in mid August.

Trip Details:

Approx. 20 mile hike in starting at Holland lake, over Gordon pass, then following Gordon Creek east to the South Fork Flathead. Maybe Gordon Creek is good packrafting? I dont know that. But from Gordon Creek we would put on South Fork, float north. I dont know the exact mileage between Gordon Creek and Hungry Horse Reservoir, although someone reading this will, but I have estimated it to be 50 miles. Also, looks like there is an option to take out at Bunker Creek around approx. mile 35. The river is supposed to be stunningly beautiful, floating by huge peaks, ponderosa forest, and wildflower meadows. Most of the river is calm and mellow flat to class II, with great fishing until it reaches Meadow Creek gorge. MCG is class III-IV, and i think about 5 miles long, but a trail goes through the whole canyon, so the option to portage is available. I think considering the portage option, this trip seems good for anyone with class II-IV packrafting experience, and enough backpacking experience to hike 20-25 miles, with one considerable climb to Gordon pass, elevation approx 6,500 ft. There is an outfitter or two the horsepacks gear in and rafts this section, and they said from Gordon Creek down would be no problem in a packraft in mid to late august. There is a video summary of the trip posted on youtube by Forrest McCarthy that you can search for. Also, the outfitter Wilderness River Outfitters, has info for this very trip at

If Anyone has more accurate information about this trip please reply to this with the goods. Thanks.

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