South Fork Flathead Flows

Planning a pack-rafting trip leaving this Wednesday to float the South Fork. Just wondering if anyone has any info on what we should expect flow wise. The gauge right is now is right around 850cfs but it’s been dropping steadily. Anyone have any experience with flows, or know of somewhere I could call? Would be greatly appreciated…

I just got back from floating the South Fork of the Flathead from White River to Meadow Gorge. I was not in a packraft, but I saw many of them on the river. The flows are low, but navigable. You will scape bottom a few times, but not often. The fishing was AMAZING! Be careful at the take out, miss it and you will die in the Gorge. (Sorry for the the drama, but it needs to be emphasized!). We managed fine in a VERY over loaded conventional Forest Service cargo raft (with an expert at the oars, not me!). It was the best fishing/float trip I have ever been on and there have been many.

Have a fabulous time! Wish I was back there now!