South East NSW

Spent 3 days paddling down a section of a remote river in the South East of NSW. I paddled my Unrigged explorer, Gus (Lizardboy) paddled his Denali Lama and Duncan paddled a yak (soon to buy an Alpacka after this trip I think). Grade 2/3 rapids, water level @ 0.9m (the minimum level) running tannin stained but clear. Some lovely camp spots and very inspiring scenery. Easy and fun paddle. I would love to go back and do it when the level is up at about 1.5 hopefully…

I am getting a little more game with the camera now and even working out the editing a little better. Tried a few different shots this trip by wedging the camera under the packattach strap, it kinda worked out but…I hope to make a camera mount to stick on my hat (helmet) or the front or back of my backpack or onto the bow. I filmed this on an Olympus waterproof camera. seems to be working ok.


Well done. See, it’s actually quite fun to put one together!

I fiddled with a 1/4 bolt through the top of my helmet before NZ this year, for mounting camera - had same yellow helmet, but you needed to be very careful with placement. Needed a hole a few cm in front of the one in the helmet, in order to get the right angle. The bolt does cause some issues with packing the helmet as it can catch on thimgs, so it really needs a cap/dome nut on it, and then you start to look like a teli-tubby, and people start to take the piss out of you etc etc!

Very dry looking catchment, but looked to be fun.


Yer it is fun although I am not too sure I like having to do every rapid first so I can get the footage looking back upstream, good for the other guys though as I work out the wrong way to go mostly. The country around there is pretty dry normally but it is a big catchment that comes down from the Snowies, water was quite cold actually (I only had one spill). I am not sure I want to look like a Teli-Tubbie, the ridicule may be too heavy with my mates, they are slanderous at the best of times and that would be a gift of much ammunition.

I have a few other guys buying rafts at present (two in the last few weeks) I should be getting a commision but am happy to have a few other rafters coming on board. Many trips begin to hit the calander now, intresting being torn between the fishing and the whitewater.


Steve, in terms of making videos, please make sure that there’s a bit of “moi” in them. By all means, go first down a rapid, but, once you’ve done it, give someone else the camera, and go back and do it again. It’s bad to put together vids with no images of you in them (how many of mine have me in it???).

Unfortunately, if you are interested in packrafting and posting youtubes, then I think you either need to deal with posting piccies of others, or just take their hats/helmets/skulls, and put a camera attachment on them, and say - “Hey, bucko, just you go and stand there and look back at me whilst I raft this rapid”, and at the end of the day, you can decide what gets posted.

My fishing/rafting mate has the disadvantage of not only having no interest in photography or video, but also having age related visual changes, such that he cant see a digital camera or video screen without glasses. Try going on a trip with him, and getting him to take some vid!! (or photos, for that matter).

Do you guys ever go down to Providence Portal late Autum to fish - I’m contemplating a trip, mainly fly-fishing, but rafting would be useful…any interest in freezing your tits off in late May or June?
(perhaps contact me ditrectly at if you are)

The short answer is Yes

The longer answer is that we (Jules and I) have already got it on the Calender as a hopeful, a day fishing and a day rafting (at least). I’ll shoot you an email and we’ll sort it out.


Yay !

We’re going to be up at Providence on the weekend of Thurs 13-Sun16 May, primarily to fish and freeze in the evenings, but also to do some rafting - did you guys manage to get yourselves organised to do same weekend?