Some recent SUBW trip reports

New to the forum. I thought I’d post a couple of my recent trip reports from SUBW packraft trips. The Shoalhaven one may have some useful info on the river at this height.

Shoalhaven Great Horsehoe Bend to Badgerys Crossing

Colo: Canoe Creek to Bob Turner Track

Thanks for the reports!
We did that section of the Shoalhaven (to Long Point) back in March at about 0.73m and was just scraping through a lot of it. Your level would be a wild ride!

Four people I know did it the weekend before in cheap rafts all the way from Wollemi Creek with the gauge at 6m when they started 4m when the finished, and including the King Rapid. It make hair-raising reading:

Sorry - I thought you were talking about the Colo. Agree about the Shoalhaven. I tried it at 1.18 and it was much tamer.

I see one of your group paddled all the way to Tallowa dam. How long did this take them from Badgerys and how did they find it? Wouldn’t mind doing this myself…

Took him a couple of hours after he left us and most of the next day. Good rapids the first half, then flat. He just had a topo map on his (waterproofed) phone but it doesn’t seem to have been too hard - just stay in touch with the left back of the lake :slight_smile: The impressive bit was hitching back to Sydney!

I’d be keen to join a trip!