Some new Oz Vid

Just a small reminder that Oz exists.

I posted this under “General Discussion”, but thought that since everyone else seems to want to post vid under their own country of origin, I’d also put it in the “ANZAC” section, just so as youse all can find it!!(yousing my bestest Oztralian!)

Off to NZ next week, as per message in GD forum.

Hoping to produce some youtube stuff of our trip before Roman does, but we’ll see. More excited about accepting his round of drinks…as some explanation, I met up with him last year in Melb over a few drinks (which was my shout) , but after our 10 days out in the middle of nowhere, probably having run out of whisky, his shout may be more than welcome!!!

And…come on the rest of you guys in Oz (and NZ…and…Tas!) need to post more stuff here. We seem to have 30 ish packrafts in this bit of the country, and nothing much seems to happen. Get a video camera, or a Pentax Optio, and post some vid. Jules Watson and Fish de Jour - add some stuff, and make us a more important nation! And someone - please wake up the Kiwi packrafters…or send them some donations, so that they can cope with their horrible exchange rate.


Great to see some Victorian classic streams work Andrew. My video limitation is mainly that I have no video camera!

Alright, I’ll take up the challange, but I gotta warn you my artistic endevours are very lowbrow and often require PG ratings, I can add some tasty slide guitar tracks though. I have two trips planned in the next month so will attempt to take some video of both. Sadly no white water as they are fishing focused.

I reckon you should leave the swoofing in your vids ie you edited it out of the Geehi vid??

Gus (Lizardboy) has been talking about a head cam…I’ll push him to get onto it.


Excellent- and clearly Jules needs his mates to chip together and buy him a waterproof digital camera with video facilities so he can do likewise- eg olympus or pentax optio.

The helmet cam stuff done on rafting looks good. A mate used one of these skiing furing the year, and it is an extremely wide angle of view -almost fisheye, so, if the horizon isn’t centred, it gets distorted.

Couldn’t work out what “Swoofing” was, therefore not sure whether I’d edited it out or not!

Next week I’ll be in NZ beating off sandflies, and catching humungous trout…yippee!


Ahhh…you must be one of those tweed wearing, Landrover driving trout fishers!!. Swoofing is salt water flyfishers slang for ‘flyfishing’ :slight_smile:

Have a great trip, look forward to the pics of the humungous spotted brownies and the rafting vids. I really need to go to NZ for a spot of fushun again.


Ahhhhhhhhh. “swoffing”…I know what that is, but “swoofing” confused me, particularly as the vid involved freshwater .

Yes, I edited all the fly-fishing out. I figured that people on this forum probably would be less interested in fly-fishing than rafting. My personal interest in rafting is secondary to fly-fishing. The rafts are just such a great way to get back dowstream, and packrafting has evolved into it’s own part of our backcountry trips.

I did actually put together well edited videos of our last 2 NZ trips into the Kahurangi NP, both of which I am very proud (!) and, if you have an interest in the fly-fishing bits, etc, I am happy to send them to you.

You read me wrong with the tweed/landrover type image, although I do have a black labrador!

We’re off to the Ugly R, which is the most difficult to get to tributary of the Karamea. If interested, Google Earth Karamea, and then follow the river inland. It heads due east, then north, and then turns NE, and the first major tributary coming in here from the north is the Ugly. You can get within a few km on the western side by chopper, but the river lies in the Tasman Wilderness Zone, which choppers are not allowed to fly into. The eastern boundary is the Roaring Lion Hut about 10km upstream. We’ll spend 10 days in the Ugly, and then are rafting out, and back all the way down the Karamea to the west coast.

House currently covered in piles of gear, as I try to accomodate all these interests in my rucksack!


Ahhh yes my spelling is rather dodgy to say the least, I usually write these things late at night when I should be in bed but there ain’t enough time in the day, I am thinking of swithching to a 28 hour day so I can get more done.

I would love to check out the vids at some stage when you have the time.

I am very very envious of your trip, I love NZ and the amazing fishing there, I have not been over for a few years now and am keen to get back with my raft and a few weeks to play. I might sell my Landrover to fund a trip :blush:

Enjoy youself.